Wonderful & Strange 202o

As our world came shuttering down after March the 14th, protected inside our homes we realized like the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland we had been rushing without really knowing why we were in such a rush.

Time as for the Rabbit became fundamental as we in the beginning saw the hands on our watches or phones on how slowly it takes for a minute to complete it´s course. Suddenly we realized time was taking on speed, days turned into weeks then a month….

Time was like running water unable to hold in one hand, splashing over the floor, making a mess.

After facing the terrible reality of loss around the world from the havoc of the epidemic, taking stock of time many began to wake-up after too much slouching in the same t-shirt and swet pants.

Everyone started to get creative with their spaces, their way of dressing, exercising and cooking. Establishing schedules for work and play in order to keep sane.

Our supermaket outing became our dress rehersal for a big night out, many after a month of junk food craved for home cooking and even the no-cooks got preatty good at it. Beer in some cases was substituted for a glass of wine a make belive feeling at being at some special restaurant, our dinning table.

After the devastation of a yea like no other in our lifetime, we started to count our blessings. Being enough to be alive, and to start the path of reinventing ourselfs, taking stock of our gains of knoledge. A year that in a way it became wonderful and strange. Finding creativity to be our only way out.

For me this year gave me new friends I met on Instagram, knocking on their virtual doors to be interviwed by myself and asking them to tell me their stories. The Sharing of their different lives and professions have helped me and my growingl following on this long road of silence. A project I highly enjoy and will keep on doing, so I welcome anyone to tag along for the next ride.

This year gave me the chance of finishing my book, Pass Me the Lip Gloss which I shared before, and a Kaftan line started with many upcicled pices of cotton and chiffon, now sold in Colectivo Chukúm at my daughter Alexis new store in Tulum. I am so Proud!

Kaftans by Rosina Ramonpor las Manos de Juanita! (handmade)