Pass Me the Lip Gloss

Imagine my work is in fashion for over 30 years, where the idea of beauty against my beliefs was perfection. I knew very well what most girls have to fight with to be in this business since I had experienced it firsthand. In my early teens, I was made fun for being overweight and my large nose, and not having the height the pride of my mom´s family. Then I lost the weight, wear heals when I can stand them, and love my unique nose. Realizing one-day beauty is all about the appreciation of the body’s shape and size, of being proud of whatever color of our skin color, and of any quirky feature.

Writing a book is like daring to walk naked into a  crowded street so I had to fight and face my demons which was only one, “ME”.

Suddenly it became clear a fact that to save my life my body would have to be in the end mutilated, and that facing the mirror after will be one of the hardest things I had to do.

Yes, I had breast cancer. I changed its name to the Challenge, and let me tell you it was.

Born an only child in Piedra’s Negras a border town with Eagle Pass, Texas, I was protected like a glass figurine, so it was devastating to find I was not the exception.

My book travels to my learning from the resilient women in my family who lived lives thru the respect of vanity and fashion, and that is the main idea, you can feel lousy but never show it, that was the family mantra, and it helped me survive.  I dream it can help others.

So all thru the ordeal I played with fashion, wigs of different lengths and colors, turbans of exaggerated heights, accessories of big rings,  earrings, necklaces, and my trademark chunky bracelets, enough trinkets to be confused with a gypsy fortune teller.